Hi! My name is Mateo Espinosa and I, at least last time I checked, look approximately like the dude in the picture somewhere near this text. I am computer scientist currently studying at the University of Cambridge in the UK. Before crossing over the pond, I worked at Cerebras Systems, a machine learning hardware accelerator startup in the Silicon Valley, for three years in which I probably ate my life quota of sourdough. Before my venture into the startup world, I lived for four wonderful years in Ithaca, NY where I was a Masters of Engineering student (2016-2017) and an undergraduate student (2013-2016) at Cornell University. Keep in mind that Ithaca’s namesake completely ignores the weather from its Homeric counterpart. So most of that time was spent happily buried under snow.

My current interests vary from machine learning and algorithmic game theory to quantum computation and information. While at Cornell, I had the amazing opportunity to work on various research projects from things like autonomous swarm synchronization and asynchronous training algorithms for neural networks to mathematical-modeling of cell-cycle synchronization. Before Cornell, I was in Ecuador, the beautiful South American country where I was born and raised.

In this site I will be posting random thoughts and projects I get to work on in my free time (or at least that’s the idea). In the meantime, if you want to contact me or share some ideas with me, please do not hesitate in doing so.

A small disclaimer: unfortunately, given how things work today, there’s the need to say that everything in this site is highly subjective and one hundred percent my personal opinion, not that of my employers or any institution affiliated with myself.